New report: Is Huawei in Ericsson’s shoes when Athens Affair hit?

October 18, 2013 | Posted in News | By

Huawei is trying to clear its name from the allegations of spying. But is Huawei really worse and compromised than Ericsson.

Ericsson backdoored products were used by intelligence agencies to spy on Greek government officials and hundred of VIP mobile phones, yet Ericsson did not suffer from the same level of ban and bad press that Huawei did get.

Is it a cultural bias against Huawei? A political and economical against chinese manufacturer? Or the level of compromission of Huawei is much higher, prompting this reaction.

Huawei is nevertheless trying to clear its name from these allegations with the following report “Cyber Security Perspectives” by John Suffolk, Huawei SVP & Global Cyber Security Officer.

PDF Report: Huawei Cyber Security White Paper (Oct. 2013)

Huawei: We are not spying on you.


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Huawei routers cracked open. The best backdoor may be a plausible-looking vulnerability

October 11, 2012 | Posted in News | By

Felix “FX” Lindner from Recurity / Phenoelit has found many vulnerabilities into the Huawei low-end to middle-end routers.

Huawei’s problem? It ain’t the secret backdoors but wide-open front doors | David Akin’s On the Hill.

FX’s slides on Huawei routers vulnerabilities

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Huawei: Former Pentagon analyst says China has backdoors to 80% of telecoms

July 14, 2012 | Posted in News | By

Allegation that Huawei and ZTE have backdoors to enable chinese covert access to telecom infrastructure.

Former Pentagon analyst: China has backdoors to 80% of telecoms | ZDNet.

Huawei and ZTE deny backdoor allegations | The Inquirer.

The Secret Ways of Little Known Chinese Telecoms Giant Huawei | SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Huawei: worried about cyber-espionage backdoors? You can look at our code | Ars Technica.

The nightmare backdoor , reflections on the case Huawei | Security Affairs.

Huawei Initiating Int’l Network Security Standards | PR site

U.S. lawmakers to American companies: Don’t do business with Huawei or ZTE | Killer Apps.


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